Business-4As a powerful and adaptable ERP system, MS Dynamics NAV software is the right choice for those currently looking to convert their old, out dated financial management system to something more tailored to their individual needs. A customizable system that can fully integrate with the Microsoft Office environment of many businesses today, Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers the right combination of functionality and scalability to meet the demands of your growing business. About the only thing it can’t do, is convert your old system itself. Fortunately, we’ve got it covered.

At EC Advance, we have an established toolset for converting industry standard application objects – such as customers, vendors, items, BOM, AR, AP and G/L data into a Navision formation. In fact, we’re so well versed in industry standard application conversions, we could perform them in our sleep – but counting conversions isn’t quite like counting sheep.

Instead, we extend this confidence into our Rapid Demo process, and offer you FULL conversion of your company as it is today. You provide us with your database, and we will provide you with a comprehensive NAV demonstration, complete with a real world conversion scenario based on your actual company. This pragmatic demonstration, coupled with our Fixed Fee Guarantee provides the peace of mind only the pro’s at EC Advance can offer.