Business-3Choosing to upgrade your current Navision software version can feel overwhelming. Riddled with uncertainty, an upgrade can appear to be more trouble than it’s worth. And ambiguous timeframes, undefined costs, and training concerns only work to exacerbate the problem. All in all, deciding when and how to proceed with your upgrade is no easy task, and choosing the right partner is a crucial part of its success.

At EC Advance, our expertise extends into our group of professional and certified developers. We have completed an extensive amount of Navision upgrades, from small scale to complex, and kept them in scope and on budget. From this experience comes confidence in our upgrade process, and that allows us to extend our Fixed Fee Guarantee to include our Navision Upgrades.

You get price certainty, a solid time line, and extensive expertise in your tailored upgrade. And our in-house or offsite training allows you the flexibility and confidence to get your new system up and running, with no negative impact on your business.