Business-7In every business, at every level you can find a collection of inherent issues. And those issues can be a distracting part of your everyday business, and worse a detriment to your bottom line. And without the right software solutions, trying to solve these problems can send you into an active tail spin. Fortunately, the “pro’s only” team at EC Advance can help steer you in the right direction before you spiral out of control.

Specifically, we have focused our collective genius on developing solutions in the following areas:

Wireless NAV Applications

As seasoned veterans in the Navision space, we have put our experience into action and developed a series of Wireless NAV solutions which allow you to remain on the cutting edge of technology, without paying a premium price. Our suite of wireless applications come complete with all the necessary devices, implementation and training, all at a low fixed fee price, that can be easily integrated into your current NAV environment. Designed to handle Physical Inventory Counting, Sales Order Shipping and Shop Floor Material allocation, our wireless solutions not only help you streamline data collection, manage active inventory and increase communication throughout your company, they allow multiple people in multiple locations to work simultaneously, and in real time. That means less uncertainly for your business, and better service for your customers.

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